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6 tornadoes confirmed Sunday across Minnesota, Wisconsin

MINNEAPOLIS, MN– A band of rain and a few thunderstorms tracked across eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin on Sunday.

At first, the system started as a band of rain showers, but as the system pushed northeast, it encountered some more unstable air and with some strong low level shear present, some of the rain showers grew into low-topped supercell thunderstorms.

The conditions across east central Minnesota into Northwest Wisconsin spawned six tornadoes during the afternoon and early evening hours.

Luckily, no tornadoes were reported in the Northland, and the tornadoes that were confirmed were relatively weak and short lived.

Three EF-1 tornadoes were confirmed, one near Silver Lake in McLeod County, the second one north of Minneapolis near Forest Lake and the third one was southeast of Luck in Polk County.

Three EF-0 tornadoes were also confirmed, one near Silver Lake, the second one near Biscay in McLeod County and the third one south of Barron in Barron County.

Click here to read the latest report, courtesy of the Minneapolis NWS.

Austin Haskins

Meteorologist/Web Producer

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