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Duluth school board meets with MSBA to discuss tactics on hiring new superintendent

DULUTH,MN- The clock is ticking for the Duluth school board to find a replacement for outgoing superintendent Bill Gronseth.

Gronseth announced he’d be stepping down next year and the board has 11 months to fill the position.

It’s been a while since Duluth has had to hire a new school superintendent.

On Monday, the school board met in room 318 with the Minnesota School Board Association to discuss the process of searching for a new superintendent.

The board decided to bring the MSBA training session to help them learn more about the practices the board needs to go through when hiring a superintendent.

Making sure the right candidate is important and the MSBA recommends the board take 3 to 6 months to pick a candidate.

Luckily time is on the board’s side because Gronseth warned the district ahead of time.

The MSBA also mentioned that getting the community and parents of students involved is important to see what they want in a new superintendent.

This information can be obtained in surveys said the MSBA.

While community input is good the MSBA reminded the board that the decision is ultimately theirs.


John Cardinale

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