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F-35 simulator gives realistic flying experience

DULUTH, MN– Ahead of the Duluth Air Show, there’s renewed focus on the effort to bring F-35 fighter jets to Duluth.

Friday, Lockheed Martin showed off their F-35 simulators, giving people a chance to step into the cockpit and fly the plane, without ever leaving the ground.

Congressman Pete Stauber called the experience “unbelievable”.

He’s one of the driving voices behind bringing the most advanced jet on the planet to Duluth.

“This is the best technology and to have, what I consider the best Guard unit in the county, the 148th Fighter Wing, to have this F-35 in conjunction with the active duty Air Force, it makes all the sense in the world,” said Stauber.

The F-35 has stealth technology, advanced weapons capabilities and supersonic speed, among other ground-breaking advances.

Stauber says bringing the jets to the Northland will mean a boost to the local economy while keeping our pilots safe on mission.

“This is the technology that our pilots need and deserve and we’re going to do our best to get them right here in Duluth, said Stauber.

He said landing the jets in Duluth will take time. It would likely be years if the push is successful.

As part of the air show this weekend, the Air Force F-35 demonstration team will be taking flight for the first time in Minnesota. Two F-35s will also on display as part of the show.

Bonney Bowman

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