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AAR extends aircraft maintenance hangar lease

DULUTH, MN– Soon, Duluth will have 40 new jobs added to its economy.

This comes after the aviation services provider, AAR extended its maintenance hangar lease with the city of Duluth and the Duluth Economic Development Authority.

Back in May, DEDA officials approved extending the original lease agreement for an additional 20 years.

Since AAR opened in 2012, officials said they’ve had a steady stream of airplane maintenance business from both US and Canadian airlines.

Employing nearly 300 Minnesotans, Duluth Mayor Emily Larson says AAR has helped Duluths growing aviation technology cluster and strengthened the local economy.

Because of this, officials said they see the future of Duluth as an emerging aviation hub.

“I wish all our other facilities -we have seven other facilities- would treat us the way Duluth does. I mean, it’s just amazing up here this community,” said Brian Loomer, AAR regional vice president.

AAR said in the future, they hope to add another building and hangar.

AAR is not only adding jobs to the economy, but it’s also partnering with Lake Superior College to advance student’s maintenance education while also exploring career pathways.

CeCe Gaines

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