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Severe storms possible tonight/Thursday AM.

Expect a 70% chance of some rain and thunder tonight. The possibility of severe weather, with hail and high winds, continues throughout the night as well. We could see some strong storms form north of Duluth tonight and then into the early morning hours into Wisconsin and the U.P. Low temperatures are in the mid 60s to low 70s across the region with mostly cloudy skies. Some locations close to Lake Superior will have low 60s. Winds are out of the southeast at 5-15mph. The lake breeze should help weaken the storms as they move into the cooler, more stable air.

We are warming back up as we lose the eastern flow Thursday. We have a southwest wind at 10-15mph that will keep our temperatures up into the mid 80s.

There’s a fast spot in the jet stream on Friday to our north. This helps bring about a weak low pressure system in western Minnesota. We get a few more clouds on Friday with a 30% chance of some pop up showers and storms in the afternoon. Lows are in the mid 60s and highs are in the mid 80s once again.

The weak low moves east and allows for some slightly cooler air to push in from the north on Saturday. Lows are near 60 and highs reach the upper 70s. There’s a 20% chance of some showers and storms, but most of the activity looks to stay in southern Minnesota and central Wisconsin.
A large high pressure pushes over Lake Winnipeg on Sunday. This clears us up a bit, but is too far away to hinder a few pop up cells. There’s a 30% chance of a few thunderstorms with partly cloudy skies. Lows are in the upper 50s and highs reach the mid 70s.

The high pressure moves over the Northand and brings mostly sunny skies on Monday. We have upper 50s for lows and upper 70s for highs.

Adam Clark

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