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Navy Sailors honor oldest warship during Navy Week

DULUTH, MN — It was another big day on Tuesday during Navy Week here in Duluth.

Sailors came together to honor the world’s oldest commissioned warship that’s still out on the water.

They were also celebrating the Navy’s 221 year history, but dressing in uniforms from the early 1800’s

The sailors say Navy Week is an event to build and strengthen ties within the community.

Elliot Fabrizio states, “Just speaking on behalf of myself and all the sailors out here, we’ve had a fantastic time in Duluth. It’s been beautiful weather out here, the city of Duluth is beautiful and the people have been incredibly welcoming and so we’re grateful for their hospitality while we’re out here. We look forward to more opportunities to spend time with them and talk to them about their navy.”

Events are happening all week long.

Click here for more information on all of the events happening during Navy week:

Intern Emily Colford

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