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Get Outdoors: Silver Bay’s New Adventure Park

When driving on Highway 61 through Silver Bay it’s hard to miss the city’s newest addition. In this week’s Get Outdoors, Meteorologist Adam Lorch tests his balance and agility at the new High Rope Course up the shore.
A brand new adventure park opened up this year in Silver Bay! And getting started on your adventure is as easy as 1, 2, 3….
Annika Truebenbach, Lead Supervisor at Adventure Park, said “Getting a safety briefing, harnessing, practice lines, and then getting on the courses themselves.”

The Adventure Park is a high rope course fitted with an assortment of challenging and fun obstacles.
“The courses are rated very much like a ski hill. So we have yellows and greens that are super easy and straightforward and closer to the ground. And then we going to the blues and blacks which are farther from the ground longer and more challenging.” said Truebenbach.
It’s recommended to start on an easy course and work your way up.
Truebenbach said, “The harder courses require agility, balance, and some kind of strength.”
The experience is self guided, allowing you to go at your own pace. And you’ll always be connected to safety lines, making the dizzying highest seem very accomplish-able.
“Every course is inspected visually before they can be physically inspected then our monitor team goes up and they look at, You know, the cables, the wood, The posts, all of the gear. That’s all the carabiners, ropes, quick links and lots of things.” said Truebenbach.
To find out which course I should take first, I asked the expert.
Truebenbach said, “I kind of have two or three favorites I’d say. I kind a like grand Rapids. It features three zip lines and the last two you can kind of raise somebody on. So you said each other up on different zip lines and then you time it out and you can go at the same time.”
The ziplines were definitely the best part of that course!
So if you’re looking for a balance of physical activity and fun… zip on down to Silver Bay.
“One of the main things were hoping to do here is encourage people to come together outside, challenge themselves and discover more of what they’re capable of.” Truebenbach said.
There are a total of 7 courses at the adventure park. they hope to start doing a nighttime in the near future.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch

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