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Duluth city council looks for new core investements

DULUTH,MN–Duluth City Council leaders have mapped out new ways to improve the quality of life here in Duluth.

That’s why last year, councilors mapped out a 20-year plan for Duluth’s future and found core investment areas.

City Council leader Arik Forsman said, “We picked 12 different neighborhoods throughout Duluth where we think we could potentially accomplish those policy goals and so it’s spread from Gary New Duluth all the way to Lakeside and everywhere in between.”

Now, a study is being proposed to find strategies to make these core investment areas better.

This includes creating easier access to housing, jobs, transportation, and healthy foods in these areas.

“You could pick any neighborhood throughout the city and be able to be close enough to one of these core investment areas, to be able to live and enjoy all the amenities that everybody else does,” Forsman says.

One goal in mind during this study is to keep each neighborhoods unique value alive.

“So it’s not to say we’re going to boilerplate and do the same type of development in every neighborhood. It’s going to have to fit the character of the part of town was in.”

The public’s reaction has been positive knowing the city is being proactive to make these changes.

Come Monday, that proposal along with other details will be announced at the Duluth City Council meeting.

Another hope for this study is to lessen the expenses of permit fees and shorten the process of inspections.


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Emma Quinn

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