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Duluth Kennel Club All Breed Dog Show returns to the Northland

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DULUTH, MN– The Duluth Kennel Club All Breed Dog show started up Thursday morning.

The region’s largest all-breed dog show brings in hundreds of dogs and their handlers from all over the country to compete for “top dog” or “best in show.”

Officials with the show say it’s a great experience to watch the competitions but watching could also be a realization for those who are looking to get their next pet.

“You can talk to the handler. Or the people that own the dogs, not when they’re going into the ring but when they’re in the grooming area. You can find out if that breed you’re thinking about fits your family or not,” said Jeff Urbaniak with the Duluth Kennel Club.

Competitions start at 8 a.m. and last until three.

The event ends on Sunday.

Lyanne Valdez

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