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Get Outdoors: Prime Mountain Biking

We are now full steam ahead into summer.. and if you haven’t taken out those mountain bikes yet, now is the perfect time. In this week’s Get Outdoors.. Meteorologist Adam Lorch hits the trails right here in the twin ports.

The experts say, now is the time…

“If you’re looking to get out to the trails and explore Duluth the trails are in fantastic condition right now.” said David Grandmaison, Co-Owner of The Duluth Experience.

The numerous trails around the Ports are set to go. Today, the Duluth Experience and I are doing a short ride with stunning views.
Grandmaison said, “The antenna farm trail just opened up last year. It’s a relatively short section, but it establishes connections that was lacking before.”
If you’ve been looking for a different trail to ride, this one is newer. The trail heads towards the Twin Ponds area and includes great views and a unique bridge.
“The cyclists at Gitchee Gumee shores, which is the local volunteer bike club, has done an exceptional job at establishing trails, maintaining trails, and it’s a volunteer organization that everyone should be a part of, it’s fantastic. But yeah, they got this trail in place and helped build that bridge which is an awesome structure.” said Grandmaison.
And with the help of the Duluth Experience, the hassle of parking cars in one spot and ending up in another has been solved.
Grandmaison said, “What we’ve started to do is use our bike trailer to get people from a parking lot that they parked their car to a distant location on a trail, dropping them off, and then they can ride back to their vehicles.”
The knowledgeable staff with the Duluth Experience will also guide bike trips around the Ports, possibly showing you places you didn’t know existed.
Grandmaison said, “Those are all inclusive tours. We provide bikes, helmets, transportation. We show you where the trails are, we ride with you on the trails. Everything from beginners to more advanced riders are welcome.”
There’s also a free shuttle and ride every Wednesday night at 6:30 at Ursa Minor. After the ride, bikers are able to hang around for some pizza and beers.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch

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