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Minnesota woman leading group of Americans to Canada in hope of finding affordable insulin

BAXTER, MN — A Minnesota women living with Type 1 Diabetes is on a mission to help find a temporary solution to the cost of insulin in the United States.

Diabetes advocate Quinn Nystrom is leading a caravan of Americans living with Type 1 diabetes to Canada to search for more affordable insulin.

The cost of insulin in Canada is $30, compared to $300 here in the United States.

Due to the high cost, experts say many Americans tend to ration or use expired insulin resulting in dangerous situations.

Nystrom says that being able to use her experience and platform help in any way makes her feel like she’s doing “God’s work”.

“But we’re still getting to help some people who desperately need it. And for that I feel really grateful that I’m in a position where I have a platform to speak as a professional speaker and author. And that I can help these people get insulin and get them through a couple months,” says Nystrom.

Since the 1990’s, the cost of insulin has risen more than 1,100%.

Click here to read Nystrom’s blog.


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