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The fight with Lake Superior continues: Jenna’s Forecast

Winds will calm down and be variable tonight, from the East close to the lake and from the NW elsewhere. Skies will be mostly clear so temperatures will fall to the mid 40s near the lake, low 50s inland.

Mostly cloudy skies. Winds will come from the Northeast, once again bringing us cooler temperatures closer to the lake and warmer inland. Temperatures up on the hill in Duluth will reach the mid 60s, and low 70s elsewhere. Upper level low pressure will allow for some broad lifting throughout the region. Thus, I’ve included a 20% chance of showers around the area. Lows on Tuesday night fall to the mid-upper 40s.

Partly cloudy skies with winds from the NNE 5-10 miles per hour. Temperatures climb to the low 70s. Lows on Wednesday night fall to the upper 40s.

Mostly cloudy skies with winds out of the SE. This will allow temperatures to climb to the upper 60s. A cold front moves in from the West, this will bring a 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms to Western portions of the area. Lows on Thursday night fall to the upper 40s once again.

Cloudy skies with temperatures in the upper 60s. Winds remain out of the SE, not allowing for much movement in the temperature department. As the cold front moves through, the area will continue to see a 20% chance for light showers.

Saturday & Sunday:
Continued rain chances, upper 60s and low 70s.

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