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Earth Rider Brewery adding fest grounds and doubling brewing capacity

SUPERIOR– Earth Rider Brewery is Superior is getting ready to renovate this summer.

The business said Wednesday due to a huge demand they need to double their brewing capacity.

Starting in July the business will add two 20 barrel fermenters and two 60 barrel fermenters ultimately making the jump from producing 3,500 barrels a year to 7,000.

They’re also creating an “Earth Rider fest grounds” that will be located right next to their lounge.

The space will be used to accommodate concerts, holding up to 2,000 people.

The business plans to, later on, add a beer garden equipped with tables along with full permanent fence around the location.

“People can bring their beers and go outside, throw a frisbee and you know when space isn’t in use it will still serve a nice purpose for people who are just enjoying a pint on a day like today when it’s sunny and gorgeous,” said Director of Brand, Brad Nelson.

The brewery is also adding to their 1914 Cedar Lounge. Garage doors will be added and a three-season porch.

“We desperately need the space, we have been really supported here which is phenomenal but we definitely could use more space inside the building as well.”
said Nelson.

CBS 3 asked if there were plans in the future to add more fermenters and Director of Brewing Operations, Frank Kasvuba said they will have to play it by ear.

“We will have to look at it next year and see if we need to add more tanks and see what our demand going to be like at that point. We have room to add more so we will do that if we need it,” said Kasvuba.

Renovations for the fest ground will start early next week and for the brewhouse, July.

Lyanne Valdez

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