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William A. Irvin out for a second season

DULUTH, MN– It’ll be another summer without the William A. Irvin. The DECC confirmed today the ship will not re-open until 2020.

The Irvin is currently docked at the Fraser Shipyards in Superior. The DECC is working with the shipyard to repair to the historic boat.  The Minnesota Historical Society provided a 500-thousand dollar grant to cover the work. The DECC is matching that grant.

There’s no word on when the Irvin will be brought back to the Minnesota Slip.

“Last summer it was unexpected, we didn’t plan for it to be gone as long as it was. It was a loss.. it was a $200k loss and it will be the same this year.” DECC Executive Director Chelly Townsend, said.

The DECC says it is looking forward to having the Irvin home in time for the 2020 summer season.

Natalie Grant

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