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Cooler by the lake Friday.

After it passes to the east we have mostly clear skies. There’s a chance of some patchy fog for lakeside locations with a light east wind at 4-8mph. Low temperatures are in the mid to upper 40s for places by the lake. On the hill and away from the lake expect mid to upper 50s.

For areas away from the lake expect a south wind at 5-15mph and temperatures rising into the low to mid 80s. Good ole Lake Superior will keep us cooler with an east wind funneled by high pressure to the northeast over the Hudson Bay. On the hill expect 73 and by the lake expect 53. For the TwinPorts, NorthShore, and South Shore the wind is east at 5-10mph. Expect sunny skies to mostly sunny skies.

A surge of warm air is moving in from the southwest on Saturday. This warms us up to the low to mid 80s. Some locations will have upper 80s. The North Shore will be cooler because of the southern wind coming off the lake. There’s a large low pressure system over Southern Manitoba. That’s what is bringing in the warm air. Skies are sunny and the winds breezy.

The low continues to the northeast into NW Ontario. It brings with it a cold front that increases our chances of rain and thunder into Sunday. Lows are in the mid to upper 50s and highs reach the low 70s. Chance of rain and storms are around 50%.

There’s a high pressure system to the south on Monday. This helps clear us up to partly cloudy skies. Lows are in the upper 40s and highs will be in the upper 60s.

A wave pushes south in the jet stream on Tuesday and brings a 30% chance of some showers. Lows are in the upper 40s and highs reach the upper 60s. Skies are partly cloudy to mostly cloudy.

Adam Clark

Chief Meteorologist

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