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Get Outdoors: Towering Pines Canopy Tour

In this weeks Get Outdoors, Meteorologist Adam Lorch continues his trip up the Gunflint Trail, or should I say, above it….
If you’re looking for a new adventure, then you have to check out the zipline tour at Gunflint Lodge.
John Fredrikson, Co-Owner of the Gunflint Lodge, says “Towering Pines canopy tour is a zip line tour through the Northwoods. We have stations in 200-year-old white pines, you’re zipping through the trees.”

We start out with a tutorial on how to zip safely. Then its time to hit the towers and start taking in the views.
“We’ve got views of Gunflint Lake, and Canada on the other side of the lake. And some of the beautiful cliffs and terrain we have on the Gunflint Trail.” said Fredrikson.
It’s that elevation change that makes this spot a perfect place for a zipline tour. But you will start out small and work your way into the bigger zips.
Fredrikson said, “It’s eight zips, the longest one is 800 feet long. And you kind of start out small and work up, and get going faster and faster down to the end.”
The course was installed by a company in North Carolina, and it’s routinely checked and maintained for safety.
“They come up every year to inspect it and make sure everything is good, replace any parts that look like they might be worn that would be a safety risk. And then they come and do a week of training with our staff.” said Fredrikson.
A small risk for a great reward with stunning views you cant get anywhere else.

Fredrikson says, “It’s the wilderness, there’s nothing like the boundary waters in the lower 48, it’s totally unique.”

Gunflint Lodge has over 24 cabins and employs up to 60 people in the summer months.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch

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