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Running for support of the Superior Hiking Trail

HERMANTOWN, MN- A Hermantown man has a big goal ahead of him this weekend.

Michael Koppy plans to run all 310 miles of the Superior Hiking Trail and as long as he finishes, he’ll set a big record.

“I think it’s important for us to support the things we love and I love running and I run on the superior hiking trail. So I feel like if I’m going to be using it and I love it, I should be supporting it,” said Koppy.

All while raising awareness and money for the trail along the way.

“I run 95% of the time on the Superior hiking trail, so I want to support them. We’re doing a fundraiser now where I’m matching up to $5,000 in donations.”

Koppy will have a crew with him along the way, something called a “supported run.” Right now, there’s actually no record for a supported run on the entire Superior Hiking Trail so as long as he finishes the 68-year-old will set a record.

He says he knows it will be a challenge, but he’s confident based off his past experiences.

“I’m not the fastest runner around anymore but I’m pretty experienced. I have run a few 200 plus mile runs and probably one of the things that’s going to help me is I’m not going to sleep much,” added Koppy.

Koppy says he can handle the sleep deprivation. As for the course, he thinks it plays up to his advantages.

“I’ve run the whole course over two and half years, segment by segment, in fact a lot of it I would have to park my vehicle, run a segment and then run back so I’ve run it in both directions,” said Koppy.

Overall Koppy knows anything can happen.

“So many things can happen, I mean it’s a rugged course. Two people have tried it this spring, both of them didn’t finish. So I’m attempting this, it doesn’t mean I’ll be successful, I’m sure going to give it everything I have,” added Koopy.

For more information on how you can donate, click here.

Neil Vierzba

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