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New Hurley mascot one step closer to being decided

HURLEY, WI — A committee has narrowed the list of mascot name suggestions for the Hurley School District to the final three.

Late Tuesday morning, a committee made of students, staff, and school district groups met to narrow the list of submissions from 13 to three.

The proposed mascot names include the following:

Kevin Genisot, the district’s Special Education Director, says a total of 352 community members submitted new mascot ideas after officials said they were going to get rid of the controversial “Midgets” name.

Genisot says those submissions were then narrowed to 76, and then last Tuesday, were narrowed to 13.

Next Wednesday, 555 students, ranging from pre-K through 12th grade, will vote for one choice, as well as 81 faculty members.

Genisot says the vote will only be limited to students and faculty, and a community wide vote will not happen because they want students to vote on their representation, and wouldn’t be able to vote in an election-style type vote.

According to Genisot, the final vote will be kept under lock and key until it is presented to the Hurley School Board by the president and vice president of the senior class, as well as the executive student officers, during a meeting on June 17.

The committee also won’t see the results until the 17th.

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Krystal Frasier

Social Media and Digital Content Manager

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