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Discussion begins on bathroom, hygiene facility for homeless

DULUTH, MN — Now that the official start of summer is less than a couple of weeks away, there’s a new project looming to help the homeless during all seasons.

There’s been conversation about a 24-hour bathroom and hygiene facility for those who are experiencing homelessness in our region.

Duluth City Council member Joel Sipress said the specific need came from the homeless community, along with a local organization called the “homeless bill of rights coalition”, who have taken the lead on the push.

Councilor Sipress says there’s still a lot of work to be done.

“To move forward on this it’s important to have the proper maintenance proper supervision. That’s one of the challenges is that it’s not simply enough to say oh here’s some bathrooms lets keep them open 24 hours and here’s a shower facility it has to be properly designed, properly located, properly supervised,” says Sipress.

Sipress says the push still requires stakeholders and funding. A discussion is ongoing.

Lyanne Valdez

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