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DCI sheds light on moments before fatal Ashland shooting

ASHLAND, WI –The Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation has released a report detailing what allegedly led up to a fatal officer-involved shooting in Ashland Wednesday.

According to the DCI, U.S. Marshals were attempting to arrest the man who died on a federal warrant when he got into a vehicle, hit a U.S. Marshall’s vehicle and pushed it for “a distance.”

DCI officials say authorities saw the man allegedly had a gun. Law enforcement fired their weapons, shooting him while he was inside the car.

Two deputy U.S. Marshals and one Sheboygan, Wisconsin police officer were allegedly involved. At this point, we don’t know how many of those people fired their weapons.

At this point, authorities have not said how many times the man was shot, or if investigators found a gun on the scene.

The DCI will continue investigating. When they’re finished, they’ll hand over their reports to the Ashland County District Attorney’s Office.

Briggs LeSavage

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