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Colten Treu pleads not guilty to killing Girl Scouts in Chippewa County

CHIPPEWA COUNTY, WI — The man accused of killing three Girl Scouts and a mom pleaded not guilty on Friday afternoon in Chippewa County Court.

A judge scheduled Colten Treu’s trial for January in Chippewa County Court

Treu is charged with 10 felonies – including four counts of homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle and four counts of hit and run.

Prosecutors say Treu and his passenger were huffing a can of air duster when the truck went off the road and hit the Girl Scouts troop as they picked up roadside littler. Three Girl Scouts and a mother died. Another Girl Scout was hurt.

Police said Treu then drove home and went out to a party.

If Treu is convicted he faces more than 280 years in prison.

Treu’s attorney wanted to move his trial to a different county because they believe the media coverage has affected his ability to get a fair trial.

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