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Get Outdoors: Whitewater Rafting!

Talk about team bonding, our morning crew weathered some rapids together on the St. Louis River. Meteorologist Adam Lorch has the story in this week’s Get Outdoors.
Snow melt and rain has lead to some high river levels which means it’s time to get out and explore them!
Cliff Langley, Owner/Operator Swiftwater Adventures, tells me “This is Swiftwaters sixth season although this is guide owned and operated and we been on this river for decades.”
With that knowledge of the St. Louis River, Swiftwater Adventures aims to introduce people to a new and unique experience.
“Also pretty passionate about white water, when were not running the St. Louis River we run rivers up the North Shore of Lake superior and other places across the United States and beyond.” said Langley.
This trip I’m heading out with our KBJR Morning Team, Emma, Ryan, and Director Jack. And none of them have been rafting before.
Langley explains, “This day and age people don’t want to be just taken for a ride they want to interact with their environment and they want to learn about what they’re experiencing and be immersed in an interactive adventure and that’s our goal.”
Rivers are constantly changing, so it’s important to know how to navigate the river, but Swiftwater Adventures has that covered.
“We have a guide steering you down and giving you commands. And then we have troop leaders out in kayaks acting as safety kayakers. And so pretty much if you listen to the directions of your guides and come into it with an open heart and open mind you’ll have a fun and safe time.” said Langley.
We had a very fun time on the river, hitting some big waves!
“Most of the time it’s class two and three but right now it’s between three and 3+. So that’s pretty much from 3 to 6 foot waves out there.” said Langley.
And between rapids, there was always some stunning views to take in.
Langley says, “It’s beautiful scenery, it goes through thousands of acres of state lands. So it’s a wilderness Whitewater experience so you’re getting River action and great scenery.”

Meteorologist Adam Lorch

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