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Twin Ports Ambulances receive new branding

DULUTH, MN — You may have noticed ambulances in the Twin Ports are now sporting a new name and look.

Gold Cross Ambulance is now Mayo Clinic Ambulance.

The Twin Ports currently have three ambulances with the Mayo Clinic branding.

Two more are currently getting a makeover.

In addition to ambulances, uniforms and buildings signs will be updated with the brand.

Greg Hanson, Supervisor of Mayo Clinic for the Twin Ports, states,  “We’ve been actually owned by the Mayo Clinic since 1994, and we found through the years very few people realize that’s a fact, even in sites with a Mayo Clinic presence they don’t know that were owned and operated by the Mayo Clinic.. it brings a confidence to the community.”

Mayo Clinic has 70 ambulances serving more than 120 communities.

Kaitlyn Moffett

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