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Your Green Life: Minnesota Power offers renewable energy programs

DULUTH, MN– Where your energy comes from is typically a mindless thought. Whether it be flipping a light switch, turning on the sink, or charging your cell phone.

But in order to create energy, many resources are needed. Some more environmentally friendly than others.

Here in the Northland Minnesota Power has rolled out several options for home and business owners to use clean energy sources.

Minnesota Power’s EnergyForward program creates a mix of options available to customers looking to turn to clean energy.

Manager of Customer Experience at Minnesota Power, Tina Koecher says, “Minnesota power considers not only our energy mix but how customers are using energy.”

Renewable sources including wind, hydro, and solar power. “The cleanest, most cost-effective is that you don’t use. So using energy as efficiently as possible helps our homes and businesses to thrive.”

The latest program, Renewable Source focuses on wind power. Koecher says, “It’s where customers can choose how much of their usage is covered by renewable energy.”

Officials say it’s an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint with nothing to install or maintain. “Cost roughly just under a cent per kilowatt hour to subscribe.”

Koecher says another program is through the community solar garden. “A subscription program where customers can choose to partake in a community solar project.” And another 100% sun-powered program… SolarSense. “If a customer is choosing to install solar on their home or business we offer a rebate for them to do that.”

Officials say using energy more efficiently helps keep costs down for everybody and helps the environment breathe a little better.

Through the EnergyForward resource strategy, more than 30-percent of Minnesota Power’s energy mix comes from renewable sources, exceeding the state’s goal of 25-percent by the year 2025.

For more information on options available to you click here.

Jessie Slater

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