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North Shore Scenic Railroad turns 30

The North Shore scenic railroad turned 30 years old today and they wasted no time celebrating along the Lakewalk in Duluth.

Two engines came face to face, and the crowd gathered for a photo attempting to reenact the famous photo taken of the trans-continental railroad.

After the photo, kids were able to pound in golden railroad spikes.

While the Northshore Scenic Railroad doesn’t have nearly the amount of tracks, some say it is Duluth’s own transcontinental railroad.

“I am amazed at the number of people that came out,” said Ken Beuller of the Northshore Scenic Railroad. “This is incredible support. I figured we would maybe have a couple of kids, maybe a family or two, but we’ve had people come out dressed in appropriate costume for the era we’ve had more kids, this is just a fabulous event. Couldn’t be happier.”

After the celebration, everyone boarded the train. kids got chocolate shaped like railroad spikes with a golden wrapper.

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