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Professor discusses contamination after Husky explosion

DULUTH, MN– One year after the Husky refinery explosion in Superior, one woman is sharing findings of contamination.

Professor Lorena Rios Mendoza with the University of Wisconsin-Superior has been monitoring water quality in Newton Creek in Superior for the past year.

She found toxic compounds in the sampled water.

She said you can smell the oil, and can easily see the oil in the water.

Since the creek flows into Lake Superior, overtime that could also be contaminated.

Mendoza doesn’t currently know the magnitude of this contamination, or if her findings are directly related to the Husky explosion.

But she said she hopes to work closely with Husky in the future.

“I hope so we can work with the Husky Refinery. You know? We are neighbors, we’re the university we can prepare the students to help them, to help the community,” said Mendoza.

Mendoza said next steps are continuing to collect samples to see if contamination is increasing or decreasing and raise money to analyze those samples.

CeCe Gaines

Multimedia Journalist

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