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Get Outdoors: Spring Kayaking

There have been a lot of people out on lake superior in the last few days and Meteorologist Adam L:orch was one of them for this week’s Get Outdoors.

The ice on Lake Superior is almost all gone. But before it melts away till next winter, its time to jump in some Kayaks and check it out.

Kris McNeal, Co-Owner of The Duluth Experience, said, “We go out in the ice fields a little bit, not to deep, but just on the outskirts of what you can see is left over. But it’s foggy and really mysterious and beautiful right now.”

I’m heading out with the folks from The Duluth Experience. They have guided kayak trips in the spring for those eager to hit the water for some paddling.
“We gonna be launching here from Endion station right on the beach. Head out on the water, go out by the cribs, check out the light houses, check out some of the leftover ice on the beach there.” said McNeal.
Before we hit the water, we go through a whole safety course with our guide, Jess.
McNeal said, “If you don’t have a lot of experience kayaking or canoeing you shouldn’t be out on the lake without a guide.”
Lake Superior can be a very beautiful, yet dangerous, place to explore. Which is why looking for a guide and having the right gear is critical. But even if you have all the right gear, Mother Nature can still have a say in the matter.
“Really focus on the winds, the waves, the weather. If the conditions aren’t perfect we wont even go.” said McNeal.
The Duluth Experience provides us with wet suits but no one on this trip, as well as most trips, ever ends up getting wet.
McNeal explains, “Most of the season actually, and even into mid summer, depending on where we are out on the lake we will use wetsuits year-round.”
And if you prepare and bring the right gear with a guide, you’ll have a fun and exciting adventure on the Great Lake.
“We make sure our guest come prepared with quick dry clothing, A lot of layers, hat and gloves, shoes that can get wet, and wool socks.” says McNeal.


Meteorologist Adam Lorch

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