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Get Outdoors: Fishing Opener Prep

SUPERIOR, WI — The Wisconsin fishing opener is just days away, but there are some fish-able rivers before the opener still.

In this weeks Get Outdoors, Meteorologist Adam Lorch talks with a local fishing guide about river conditions and opener prep.

Fishing on the Brule this year has been a bit hit and miss, according to fishing guide Cory Wehrman. The rapid snow melt and rain has lead to swelling rivers across the region.

Cory Wehrman, the fishing guide at Wehrman’s River Adventure says “It’s just a matter of fishing in a smaller spot compared to a bigger spot. They have a whole lot more to run around and play now then traditional years.”

That said, the fish at the spot Cory took us to, seemed eager to make their presence known.

“How did the fish respond to High-water, oh there’s one that jumped right there.”

While we do see some fishing in the river, Wehrman says we are coming up on a less populated year-class due to past flooding.

“But the last few years with the flooding and stuff the fry get pushed out into the lake and their survival rate goes way down.”

But there are still plenty of fish in the river for now and the spawn is in full swing. Wehrman suggests keeping the presentation simple, for now.

“Egg patterns, with the water in the low to mid 40s I would stick with the yarn or bead. There’s no need for spawn at this point.”

This weekend is also Wisconsin fishing opener, which will allow anglers to head further upstream on the Brule, or to inland lakes. Wehrman has been on the water taking notes and says the outlook is good.

“The wall I should be up, pre-spawn and spawn. I’ve seen some Crappies pre-spawn right in that 8 to 10 foot range. So it’s looking to be a good opener.”

The WIsconsin Governor’s Fishing Opener will be held on Lake Flambeau in Ladysmith Wisconsin on Saturday, May 4, 2019.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch

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