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Hayward officials monitoring Smith Creek for possible flood

HAYWARD, WI- Authorities acted fact as 2.2 inches of rain in the past several days was inching close to some homes nearby Smith Creek.

“From what I’ve experienced I think it wasn’t much so much the snow melt as all the ground is really saturated, there’s just no where for the water to go. So that rain falls north of the city of Hayward into Smith Lake, Smith Creek drains down through the city of Hayward and goes to Lake Hayward, that creek has risen to the point of us being worried,” said John McCue, Director of Public Works.

They continue to monitor the creek daily.

“That creek is at it’s capacity, it’s full right now but it has been receding, since this morning it’s even went down,” said McCue.

But with the concern of more flooding in the future, officials are still trying to figure out a long-term plan.

“We had a flood in 2014, 2016, we teamed with Wisconsin DOT and did a study on that creek and we are planning to upsize the pipes to try to help alleviate this issue,” added McCue.

McCue says the public works department is prepared to handle whatever comes next.

“We’ve got a large supply of sand bags on hand, I think residents are starting to become more weathered with this, they’ve been through it before…Right now it’s a lot of monitoring, once we get the rain we start monitoring,” added McCue.

McCue feels confident that they can keep it contained due to rain only being in the forecast on Sunday.

Neil Vierzba

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