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Man running 100 miles to raise money for kids

DULUTH, MN — “This is a kickoff for the Healthy Kids Day,” said David Hyopponen, who is running 100 miles to raise money for the event. “Looking to raise $10,000 through donations.”

He spent time joking and chatting with onlookers.

“I’m doing a six hour warm up and then I am going to turn the crank!”

The event runs until 10 p.m.

“Come down, run next to me, like these guys. It is a dollar per minute or any suggested donation, anything you want.”

This isn’t his first time running 100 miles at once. He has completed a 103-mile ultra marathon in the past.

“I think I have been running for, about five hours now. I am just coming into about a marathon.”

He does get off the treadmill once in a while in this 16-hour adventure… to take care of business.

“Every two hours that’s like my mental break you know?”

It isn’t just about the running, however.

“The biggest thing is I just want to generate money for the healthy kids day. The funds go to family of kids in need within the local community.”

To help them with necessities.

“It just kind of gives them a helping hand if they want a healthy meal.”

Anything helps.

“Donate a dollar, donate ten, donate 20, 30, couple hundred, a thousand… it all goes to a good cause.”

If you would like to donate, click here.

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