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Possible new additions to Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force

DULUTH, MN- The Lake Superior Drug and Violent Crimes Task Force could be expanding under a new proposal before the Duluth City Council.

The Duluth City Council is expected to consider approving a resolution that would allow Proctor Police and the Minnesota State Patrol to join the task force.

Commander of the task force, Jeff Kazel says they’ve worked with the two agencies a number of times in the past. If approved, there are still some hurdles to clear.

The task force must then present the joint powers agreement to their other partners. Adding the two agencies Kazel says is critical.

“I think it will strengthen our bond with the agencies, formalize it. We are very well trained as a task force. We have good sop’s that we run, as for the investigations that we do. We’ll be formalizing and standardizing what we do, and doing it together,” said Kazel.

Kazel also mentioned that they are considering adding other agencies down the road.

Neil Vierzba

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