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Fond du Lac Band members continue educational four seasons camp

CLOQUET, MN– An educational program on the Fond du Lac reservation is continuing to bring awareness to productive and helpful ways of living.

“It’s not like this modern day thing where everybody’s just like shooting texts and emailing,” said organizer Jim Northrop III.

The four seasons educational camp in Cloquet started 10 years ago to teach people how to utilize the land.

“It’s something that I grew up with and a lot of people didn’t. And they don’t even know it’s right there in their backyard,” said Northrop.

Each year people from all over the country come to participate.

“It’s just by word of mouth. That’s probably faster than the internet.”

Right now, one of the main focuses at the camp is maple syrup harvesting.

“It’s gonna look like water when it boils.”

When summer rolls around, community members will learn how to gather berries.

“Nowadays they call it wildcrafting, but if you go to someone that knows the plants they would be shopping all the time.”

In the fall they’ll learn wild ricing, and in the winter they’ll focus on storytelling.

“Everybody’s gonna have a different perspective, and then it’s just gonna be like this ultimate thing by sharing, and sitting down, talking, really being attentive to what you’re doing.”

Northrop says it’s a great way to bring the community together.

“By doing a camp it gets to be we. It’s not me, my, I.

If you would like to donate, a GoFundMe for the camp has recently been set up.


CeCe Gaines

Multimedia Journalist

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