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Crystal by Cirque du Soleil skates into Duluth

There is a slippery surprise waiting for folks at Amsoil this weekend. You’re not going to be able to look away.

Cirque du Soleil is in town, but not in their usual fashion.

The show is called Crystal, and it’s performed on ice.

The narrative brings us through a woman’s journey after she falls through the ice.

Ice stunts will be performed by skaters from “Crashed Ice” during the show.

Bringing the show to the ice took a lot of work and a lot of travel time.

“I feel personally very privileged to be able to travel with everyone,” said Crystal by Cirque du Soleil Publicist Julie Desmarais, “and be inspired by the dedication by the joy that they do or they take every day to accomplish to do their best for every performance.”

The show runs through April 21st.

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Blake Melin

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