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Get Outdoors: Pattison State Park

Spring-time is a period of melting snow and ice, and At Pattison State Park.. the water flows over some beautiful waterfalls. In this week’s Get Outdoors, Meteorologist Adam Lorch brings us along to check out the park.

Pattison State Park has over 14-hundred acres of pristine wilderness. It was established in 1920, making next year it’s centennial. The park has a variety of attractions, but the most popular are the waterfalls.

Kevin Feind, Superintendent Pattison/Amnicon Falls State Parks, said”Big Manitou Falls they are looking at is 165 feet, highest waterfall in Wisconsin.”

And with all the spring melt, now is the perfect time to go see the raging falls. There are two main waterfalls to look at, big Manitou  and small Manitou .
“This is the Black River, it originates in Black Lake Approximately 15 miles to the south west of us. So it’s kind of a short river system actually.” said Feind.
After Big Manitou falls, the Black River runs into the Namadji, then to Lake Superior. And there’s a few hiking trails where you can see the river and falls.
Feind said, “We have several hiking trails, one off my right shoulder that goes down stream, it’s about a half mile maybe a little more than that in length.”
But, unfortunately, not all the trails are open to hikers right now.
“Our most popular hiking trails, East and West beaver trail along with the little Manitou  Trail are closed unfortunately due to last year’s Father’s Day flood.” said Feind.
That flood washed out many roads and trails in that area. Despite that, there are still plenty of things to do at the Park.
“I have a very popular campground. Has 59 campsites within the two loops, 17 of those have electricity. And then we also have 2 hike-in camp sites near Little Manitou Falls.” said Feind.

Meteorologist Adam Lorch

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