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Warmer Tuesday, then rain and cooler by Tuesday.

A wave in the jet stream continues east over the region tonight. It brings a 40% chance of some evening showers and a few snowflakes. Skies clear up after midnight with low temperatures down into the upper 20s to low 30s. Winds are out of the ESE at 5-10mph.

The jet stream is moving into a ridge pattern over the Northland, and with that, comes warmer air. High temperatures will make it to the mid to upper 50s. Expect clouds to move in by the afternoon as this warmer air moves northward and a low pressure forms over Colorado.

The low will move into Iowa and Minnesota on Wednesday. Morning lows are in the upper 30s and highs reach the upper 40s. Skies are clouds and rain moves from south to north throughout the day. Chance of rain is 60%. The rain lasts overnight and we see a little snow mixed in. No accumulations are expected because of warm temps in the mid to low 30s. Winds are strong and out of the east at 10-20mph with gusts up to 30mph.

The low moves over the state of Michigan. Expect more rain and some snow mixed in during the morning and rain showers by the afternoon. Chance of precip is 50%. High temps are in the upper 40s. By the late afternoon the showers will move out.

A nice warm ridge of high pressure builds in Thursday night into Friday morning. Lows are in the low 30s and highs are in the upper 50s. Skies are partly cloudy.

This weekend looks very spring-like. The ridge stays over the Northland on Saturday. High temps are in the low 60s and skies are mostly sunny. Sunday, there’s more clouds and a 30% chance of some showers as a shortwave trough pushes over the region. Lows are in the low 40s and highs are near 60.

Adam Clark

Chief Meteorologist

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