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First Saltie of the season enters Twin Ports

DULUTH, MN — The first Saltie of the season traveled under the Aerial Lift Bridge Monday, marking the start of the 2019 shipping season.

Maria G Velletta is a 656-foot vessel, which pulled into port Monday morning.

The ship has had 5 total names since it was first put in the water in 2007.

Scott Hilleren, Maria G Velletta Agent states, “It’s about welcoming the first ocean vessel up to Duluth. It is kind of the official opening of the 2019 navigation season on the lakes.”

The ship’s captain hails from Sweden and was given a reception by both Twin Ports Mayors during today’s first-ship ceremony.

The ship is originally from Malta.

It will load up with grain before heading back out.

Kaitlyn Moffett

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