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Duluth woman relives visit to historic Notre Dame

DULUTH, MN–People all across the world are mourning as they watch fire heavily damage Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral Monday, including a Duluth woman who recently made the trip to the historic landmark.

Stacey DeRoche visited Notre Dame with three generations of her family members about a year and a half ago, all seeing the Cathedral together for the first time.

She said she had heard about its beauty all her life, but she didn’t understand how amazing and impressive the cathedral was until she walked in the massive front doors.

“It’s 800 years old. Multi-generations. 200 years of building that Cathedral. And all of that passion, faith and brilliance, and genius that went into it…the artistry. I’m sick for Paris, and I’m sad for all of us,” DeRoche said.

DeRoche said it’s more than just the loss of a building, but also hundreds of years of history.

She is also a member of Duluth’s Historic Preservation Commission.

Briggs LeSavage

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