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Police respond to rowdy championship celebration in Canal Park

DULUTH, MN– Duluth Police say despite the massive crowd,  there was minimal damage done to Canal Park Saturday.

Hundreds of Bulldog fans erupted in celebration after the  UMD men’s hockey team won back to back National Championship titles.

Both Duluth Police and St. Louis County Sheriff’s squads blocked off South Lake Avenue to patrol the celebration.

Duluth Police say when crews first arrived individuals threw bottles at squads.

They report the only damage was a light pole being knocked over. Crews were unable to see who knocked over the pole or who was throwing bottles due to the massive crowd.

Police says one 20-year-old man was arrested for underage consumption and disorderly conduct after throwing a snowball at officers.

Duluth Police officials wrote in a statement, “squads blocked off the street to ensure the safety of the hundreds of people celebrating in the street and for the most part it was uneventful, albeit a bit rowdy.”

The streets were cleared and reopened within an hour of the big win, according to police.

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Jessie Slater

Evening Anchor and Reporter

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