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Fond du Lac Band steps to prevent child abuse

CLOQUET, MN — It’s child abuse awareness month, and communities in the Northland are doing all they can to help spread the word.

That includes members of the Fond du Lac Band, who participated in their annual child abuse prevention walk and brunch Saturday morning.

“Child abuse is in all communities,” FDL Tribal Council Member Bruce Savage said. “We recognize it here, and a lot of times people think of child abuse just from adults, but it’s also other children, so we work on it in our community within all levels.”

During Saturday’s event, participants walked the streets of Cloquet for a total of one mile and gathered to discuss the issues of child abuse.

“It’s very important to celebrate all of our aspects of life, especially our children,” Savage said.

Officials say American Indians have a high rate of home placement throughout the state of Minnesota.

“It’s something that we’re really focused on,” FDL Director of Human Services Samuel Moose said. “Really trying to strengthen family, really trying to provide prevention services to keep children with their parents, to keep children and families together.”

Saturday brought opportunity for the community to recognize their environment, and step as one.

“Winter, as everyone in Minnesota knows, was a long, hard winter, and in our communities we always celebrate the welcoming of surviving through those winters,” Savage said. “This is an opportunity for us to not only welcome the summer months — the spring — but also show the appreciation for our children.”

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