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Four witnesses take the stand as Colten Treu appears in court

Chippewa County (WQOW) – The man suspected of killing four, including three Girl Scouts was in Chippewa County Court on Friday.

The suspect, Colten Treu, did not speak during the one-hour court appearance.

First, the prosecution called Lake Hallie Officer Tim Bowman to the stand where the defense questioned him about his experience of testing for impairment.

Officer Bowman was also questioned about the initial accident report. Bowman said it appeared the truck crossed the fog line (solid white line) before crossing the center line and going off the road.

The prosecution asked Bowman if Treu stayed on scene so a blood draw could be taken. Bowman said no and that a blood draw was not done until later that evening.

The second witness to take the stand was Lake Hallie Police Detective Adam Meyers. Meyers said Treu’s phone was searched the day of the incident and his internet search history showed a search about air dusters and how long they stay in your system.

Meyers said Treu told him he remembered hitting someone wearing a reflective vest. Treu also told Meyers the truck swerved when his passenger grabbed the steering wheel.

The third witness was Eau Claire Police Officer Todd Johnson who was part of the investigation. Johnson said Treu and his passenger stopped at Walmart prior to the incident and purchased air duster.

Fourth, was Chippewa County Coroner Ron Patten. He said three of the four people killed were pronounced dead at the scene. The fourth was pronounced dead at a Minnesota hospital.

The defense asked for Count 10 (Felony Bail Jumping) to be dropped because the prosecution did not present evidence of that count. The prosecution argued back this was only a preliminary hearing and they did not need to provide all of their evidence. District Attorney Wade Newell said they only need to provide evidence of one felony.

Treu will be back in court for an arraignment on May 24 at 1:30 p.m.

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