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Moose Lake corrections officer charged with criminal sexual conduct

CARLTON COUNTY, MN–A Moose Lake corrections officer is facing possible jail time after allegedly having sex with an inmate.

Ashley Youngberg, 29, was charged with criminal sexual conduct in December 2018 for alleged actions that date back to spring and summer 2018 at the Department of Corrections facility in Moose Lake.

Court documents show Youngberg allegedly told a male inmate that she had control over him. She later apparently had sex and other sexual contact with him on multiple occasions while another inmate acted as a look-out.

The inmate apparently collected evidence of the alleged encounters and mailed an attorney strips of his underwear that he believed had Youngberg’s DNA on it.

An investigation and several interviews led to Youngberg’s arrest.

According to court records, she has denied the allegations and is due back in court next month.

Briggs LeSavage

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