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St. Scholastica women’s choir demonstrates strength through song

DULUTH, MN — Demonstrating strength through song.

That’s what the college of St. Scholastica’s all-female choir, Bella Voce, did Sunday in celebration of solidarity among women.

“Choir and music seems so simple, but the message can be so deep,” choir member Elise Hintzman said.

The power of music can be heard and seen in many different ways.

“Even though it’s just one small step at a time, I think the power and the message of music is something that people remember for a really long time,” Hintzman said.

Take the Bella Voce choir, for example.

“Music is kind of the universal language,” choir member Emmy Mayer said. “Everybody sings, everyone starts dancing from when you’re a little kid, so I think music is a great way to bring everyone together.”

Made up of 40 different voices, the all-female group strives to show their strength through song.

“Most traditional choirs have tenors and bases, which have a real low and kind of fulfilling sound,” Hintzman said. “It’s still filling and strong, and that speaks for that we’re all women and that we can do it even without men in the choir.”

To prove that power has more voices than one.

“You know, people would ask, ‘what would a choir do about these world problems that we’re facing?’ Especially as women,” Hintzman said. “I think that concerts like these and the pieces that we’re singing really help us as choir members embody those messages, and then also share those with the community.”

All proceeds made from Sunday’s event go towards benefiting the Safe Haven Women’s Shelter and Resource Center in Duluth.

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