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New veterans memorial park set to open this summer in Iron River

IRON RIVER, WI — Members of the Iron River community are paving the way to help pay tribute to our veterans.

Starting this summer, the town will be host a new memorial called the “Across the Pond Veterans Park,” aimed to honor all branches of the military.

“Everybody has cabins. They all go up north, and we’re kind of the hub of that,” project secretary Eileen Bentzen said. “We’re hoping that that will pull people in to the area.”

Spear-headed solely by volunteers, construction on the over 10 acres of land is already under way.

“Bayfield County had to be paid, so we gave them a dollar for it,” Bentzen said. “Because it had to be legal, but it was forestry, and it had been forested already, so was no value for the land besides the fact it’s land.”

Phase one includes building a memorial site and picnic area, while phase two includes expanding the area to create a seasonal camp site.

“If we could get a big grant — if we could get $470,000 we would have the whole phase one and phase two done,” board member Roger Johnson said.

As project leaders seek donations moving forward to show the world what the small town of Iron River has to offer.

“We have phase three and phase for already too, which we’d really like to get into, but we got to really focus on phase one,” Johnson said. “Get it on the ground.”

Organizers say all will be welcome come June when they plan to open the park.

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