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Groups come together to tackle community spring cleaning in Cloquet

CLOQUET, MN – Wednesday is the official start of spring, and spring cleaning is underway for some on the Fond du Lac Band.

The groups Helping Others with Addiction and Healing (HOWAH), Natives Against Heroin and Sober Squad gathered Wednesday to rid gathering areas of dirty needles and garbage.

The cleanup is part of working against drugs and addiction, and making the community safe for its youth.

John Diver says this work is extremely important to the Fond du Lac Band’s community, and especially to him, as he is a recovering drug addict.

“People always said I needed to move if I wanted to stay sober, but I don’t want to move. I want to stay and help fix the problem and let people know that it is possible. That we do and we can recover from addiction,” Organizer John Diver said.

Prior to the spring cleaning they held a blessing to honor their work, and protect everyone during it.

Ramona Marozas

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