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Sunshine for Saturday, clouds move back in Sunday.

A weak ridge in the jet stream moves over the Northland on Saturday. This gives us a mostly sunny day with highs in the low to mid 30s.
Sunday our weak ridge moves east and allows for a small trough to push over the region. This increases cloud coverage and brings a 20% chance of some flurries. Morning lows are in the upper teens and highs in the mid 30s.

The jet stream is fairly active above there area. Some quick moving spots move over associated with waves, both creating uplift and therefore clouds. Monday another wave pushes in from the northwest and keeps us under mostly cloudy skies. Morning low temps are in the low 20s and highs are in the upper 30s.

Tuesday we are warming up. Lows are in the mid 20s and highs reach the low 40s. We stay mostly cloudy because the jet stream is still causing uplift.

A ridge starts to build on Wednesday. This means more sunshine as it causes sinking air. Morning lows are in the upper 20s and highs are in the upper 40s. Much warmer than we’re used to!

Adam Clark

Chief Meteorologist

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