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Duluth held St. Luke’s second annual Time Critical Conference

DULUTH, MN– When you’re battling the clock in a moment of medical crisis every second counts.

That’s the message behind St. Luke’s second annual “Time Critical Conference” held in Duluth Friday.

It’s designed to provide health care providers across the region with updates on existing and new treatment guidelines for managing time critical patients.

Officials say our region does have a mass causality protocol which was utilized during the Husky Refinery fire last spring.

And these type of events help keep those protocols effective.

Dr. Scott Mikesell states, “We have multiple people from all over the Northland that come together, get to talk, get to interact and compare stories, and learn from each other and actually develop contacts, so that throughout the year people continue to reach out and say, ‘hey, have you seen this? What do you think about this?’ and that can only foster and help improve the care in the Northland.”

The forum also focused on individual time sensitive cases such as cardiac emergencies.

Kaitlyn Moffett

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