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Well owners asked to be cautious, vigilant during season change

MADISON, WI — If the flooding isn’t moving into your basement, it may be mixing in with your drinking water.

Well owners are asked to be extremely vigilant as the spring season arrives, as wells can become contaminated with flood water, affecting your drinking water.

If you see flood waters very near or over your wells, you should assume your drinking water could be contaminated.

DNR officials say you should take the following steps:

Stop drinking the water and find another safe source
Make sure well is disinfected once flood waters recede
Sample the well to make sure water is safe before drinking from it again

According to the Wisconsin DNR, wells found in pits, basements and low-lying areas are especially susceptible to contamination.

Well owners are encouraged to test it annually for bacteria to find out if they have a properly built well.

Krystal Frasier

Social Media and Digital Content Manager

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