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Town of Superior residents asked to approve 15K for fire hall

TOWN OF SUPERIOR, WI — Standing for 44 years, the Town of Superior’s fire hall is starting to show its age.

“Its quite dilapidated, the floor is very uneven, the foundations were not properly done way back when it was built. There’s a mold problem, it’s just antiquated, and we have reached the point where we have more equipment than what that building will hold,” said Town Board Chairman Ron Pete.

That’s why residents of the Town of Superior are being asked to authorize an extra $15,000 to purchase land to build a fire hall on.

This comes not long after voters approved a plan to build a nearly $1.8-million fire hall on a $25,000 plot of land.

“I don’t think anybody will argue the fact that we need a new fire hall,” said Pete.

Pete says the increased ask is because the cost of the land gone up because improvements need to be made to the land that will have to be done by the seller and approved by the residents.

“Purchasing or selling real estate, the permission has to come from the people. The board cannot override that vote,” he said.

The city does already own a plot of land about 2.5 miles away from the current fire department that they would consider building the hall on if voters don’t approve the current plan.

“We certainly would have to consider that,” said Pete.

But that wouldn’t be ideal, according to Pete who says an independent study determined the best place to build a new fire hall was right next to the existing one.

“The study showed that this was the most likely place for a new fire hall to be, due to current population and the current residences of our volunteer firemen,” he said.

Pete said the fire department has already fundraised the $40,000. That, according to Pete, means the vote would just approve the spending of it and there would be no tax increase for just the land purchase

The original plan was approved with 102 “yes” votes. That means there must be 102 or more “yes” votes tonight to approve this additional purchase, even if the number of “yes” votes is *greater than the number of “no” votes.

Wednesday’s meeting will take place at the town hall at 6:30 and the vote will also take place there.

If approved, ground would be broken in the spring with a 6-9 month timeline to build.



Reporter Anthony Matt

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