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Sawyer County purchases 10,000 extra sandbags in anticipation of flooding

Hayward, WI — Flooding concerns are on the rise, and officials in Sawyer County are doing all they can to take measures into their own hands.

The county has purchased an extra 10,000 sandbags as a precautionary at this point in time.

“If things look like we need to take further measures, we will take action and start filling sandbags,” Sawyer County Sheriff Doug Mrotek said. “We have communicated with the Salvation Army and Red Cross. They’re available if we need additional resources and help, but at this time it’s all just precautionary.”

With the added snowfall the area saw this winter, Sheriff Mrotek says crews have been monitoring rivers and streams closely to see where water levels stand.

“A lot’s going to depend on the future weather here,” Sheriff Mrotek said. “If there’s predicted or we face some warm days without freezing at night and some heavy rainfalls.”

Sheriff Mrotek says the bags would be used to prevent any additional water from entering or jeopardizing property in the community.

“If there’s residents or business that could potentially face some property damage from the high water, we want to be prepared to help protect property,” Sheriff Mrotek said.

The public is also urged to keep an eye out for roof levels at home, especially with metal roofs. Officials say rainfall on top of snow could add for additional weight, causing roofs to collapse.

For tips on flood safety, click the link here and see additional resources below.

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