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Hill City man charged with attempted murder, assault after officer-involved shooting

HILL CITY, MN — A Hill City man allegedly involved in a messy domestic assault, and later, an officer-involved shooting outside an Itasca County residence, has been charged with several counts of attempted murder and domestic assault.

According to the Itasca County Attorney, a judge set 44-year-old Roy Miller’s bail at $1 million during his first court appearance Thursday morning.

He was charged with five counts of Attempted Second Degree Murder, five counts of First Degree Assault on a Peace Officer with Deadly Force, and two counts of Domestic Assault in connection to incident that happened on February 10th outside a residence on Walker Road, in Hill City.

According to court documents, the incident started after Miller picked up the family’s dog and the dog peed on him.

Two people home at the time, a male and a female, started laughing, which upset Miller. Authorities say he then became aggressive.

Court documents claim Miller punched both victims in the face and chased them around the house. At one point, he allegedly pushed the kitchen island and threw a humidifier at the male victim.

Miller allegedly went to grab a firearm from a safe, apparently telling the female victims, “You need to get out of here.” When the female victim couldn’t find the male victim, she began to flee.

The female victim escaped by car, but before she did, Miller headbutted the rear window and shattered the glass.

The male victim ran from home on foot while only wearing underwear and socks. The female victim eventually picked him up at the side of the road and went to another residence, where they called 911.

Shortly after, five Itasca County law enforcement officers responded to Miller’s residence.

While the officers were at the end of Miller’s driveway, they allegedly heard two gun shots.

According to court documents, Miller then drove his pickup truck toward the officers and tried to exit onto the road.

Officers ordered Miller to stop the vehicle. Miller allegedly raised a black handgun and began firing shots at the officers. Officers returned fire and Miller’s vehicle sideswiped two squad vehicles.

Miller’s vehicle went into the ditch, and officers kept asking Miller to exit the vehicle.

Officers saw Miller throw a handgun out of the vehicle and then exit.

Miller was handcuffed, and officers provided medical treatment.

According to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Sgt. Ryan Gunderson, Lt. Albert Morse, and
Deputy Derek Peterlin fired their weapons during the incident.

The three officers are now on standard administrative leave. The Itasca County Attorney is considering whether charges will be filed against the officers.

Although deputies weren’t wearing body cameras, squad dash cameras did capture the incident.

Miller is now undergoing a mental competency exam. His next court date will be scheduled once his evaluation is complete.

The full criminal complaint can be found below:

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